We teamed up with the Preservation Room to provide you with high quality video content and live streaming.

Live Streaming

We can broadcast a full live performance HD stream with 5 cameras and a high quality sound from the studio, mixed in real time.
You decide what platform is best for you and your audience, promote the event, sell the tickets, we handle everything else.
The entirety of the show will also be recorded for both images and sounds so we can also rework it for further release as video or audio only.

Live Filming

Obviously, it doesn't have to be streamed. You might want to film a live performance but take the time to perfect the details to release the best quality possible at a later stage. It doesn't even have to be music. We can accomodate filming "backstage", interviews and making-off footages of your session.

Other filming services

Buffalo Studio can also be used to shoot music videos of pre-recorded songs or any kind of footage or still. Simply get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.